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Thanks to the unfailing efforts by our predecessors, Japan has achieved the status as a country with peace, happiness, and wealth in our hemisphere. However, the country is moving to a maturing stage at a time of decreasing birthrate and aging population. Japan is also very susceptible to mega-disasters such as a huge quake induced by ruptures of the Nankai Trough. When we look at our planet, we see an explosive increase in population combined with rapid development and urbanization due to growing economic activities. Architecture and building engineering, whose mission is to respond to societal needs related to the human habitat, must assume important roles in solving and resolving the above problems.

Japan’s architecture and building engineering is deemed of high quality because of our use of high-end technologies. In particular, technologies to prevent and mitigate disasters caused by natural hazards such as earthquakes, typhoons, and heavy rains, are the forte of Japan. To contribute to the sustainability and progress of the country, however, Japan’s architecture and building engineering must elaborate those technologies by collecting and refining relevant human resources from industry, academia, and government. Many industries in Japan are seeking for expansion of their business to overseas. Success in global work depends on whether or not we work with a strong focus on adaptation, meaning an appreciation of one’s counterpart’s technology and culture in the setting of specific plans and procedures.

Since the Foundation of Kobori Reseach Complex Inc in 1986, it has continuously worked for the advancement of earthquake engineering and disaster mitigation of Japan through the development of relevant technologies. With those experiences as the backbone, and by addition of the strengthening of our human network and the promotion of spirits for adaptation, we would like to contribute the sustainable development of Japan and the world.

Masayoshi Nakashima
President, Kobori Research Complex Inc.
Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University
Immediate Past President, International Association for Earthquake Engineering
International Member, National Academy of Engineering, USA